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Image by Dennis Cortés
Image by Igor Miske

Apsara Furniture Manufacturing Corp. is a Philippine furniture manufacturing company importing its own raw materials such as steel pipes, furniture hardware, mechanisms, upholstery fabric & leatherette, to give the best prices to the market through its distributors and buyers. With the experience of importing furniture for over 22 years, the company now has boldly ventured into local furniture manufacturing catering to the needs of the local market for more affordable and quality furniture made in the Philippines.



Equipped with world class manufacturing machinery for lamination, the company is able to create products that  are competitive with imported furniture in quality, design, and price.



This is the preferred furniture manufacturing company in the Philippines when it comes to commercially mass produced retail market furniture supplying to all leading departments stores in the country.



With the latest furniture design technology for production, the company is able to produce products at the best cost in an efficient amount of time. Utilizing innovative software and machines, the company establishes itself as the new standard for furniture manufacturing in the country.



Being a local manufacturing company in the Philippines, we are able to cater to our customers specific needs in being flexible with their requirements for products or services from projects to retails store products.



We aim to be top furniture manufacturing company in the Philippines with global competitiveness in terms of quality, design, and value. We are the only company able to offer locally produced products from all ranges of furniture, services, and other related items.

Image by Simon Caspersen
Image by Jakub Skafiriak
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