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Apsara Home is a young high quality and modern furniture brand. For years we have been combining inspiration and innovation with our passion for a beautiful home.
If you are looking for the perfect pieces to add some style and organization to your home, look no further than Apsara Home.

We have high-quality, modern furniture that includes; sofa, coffee tables, chair, entertainment units and much more. Our product has been carefully crafted with the best materials in the market. An investment in any of our products will surely give you great value for your money.


Beanie MNL is a multi-function bean bag for all your indoor relaxation and lounging needs. Perfect for long journeys and short road trips, whether on your couch at home or in nature. It takes the fun to the next level; from a soft seat, to a handy pillow, and somewhere in between.


The first modular sofa that can be disassembled into modules, and reconfigured to become a small sofa to a large sofa.

Tinker sofa is a modular sofa system that allows you to easily create a neatly defined, multifunctional and economical seating space. Easily add a second sofa to turn your small space into a big hangout, or share with friends in your space. No wiring or power outlet needed. The Tinker sofa contains a built-in power port and is attached with durable seatbelt-style connectors that can connect together or with other modular components. 

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Easy Space furniture has been engineered to make your home functional and stylish even in the tiniest of spaces. Designed to be placed against a wall, there is no wasted space in these wardrobe cabinets or shelves that double as furniture and are built for years of use.

Wherever there is a need to save space, this product will expand your world.
For those who seek organization, this is the furniture you need.
It comes with a lot of compartments for keeping all your things in place.

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